Neon Bohemians Inspired By: Morocco


The allure of faraway places and artisanal goods is that each delicately crafted piece has its own story to tell. Whether it came from the local markets in Mexico or a hole in the wall shop in Spain, finding locally-made, handcrafted goods are one of the best ways to experience a new culture and support the local market! 

Our latest collection was inspired by the bustling medinas of Morocco. Let us share the stories behind our own artisanal collection and see how we were inspired to create our one-of-a-kind Moroccan bags! 

Moroccan Rug Bags

Moroccan rugs are known for their colorful patterns, textures and intricate details. Their versatility and unique patterns make them a coveted item for many visiting travelers. Here at Neon Bohemians, our design team hand picks each vintage rug to be cut and sewn into one of a kind bags by artisans in Morocco.

Each rug is cut and sewn with precision to leave as little waste as possible. These rug bags are unique because once that vintage rug us used up, there won’t be any other like it! No two handbags will be the same! It can be worn as a cross body or used as a clutch!

Up-cycled Wedding Blanket Bags

Similar to our Rug bags, we also carry up-cycled wedding blanket bags. Moroccan wedding blankets, traditionally called handira, are created for Moroccan brides-to-be. These sequined blankets are woven by the bride’s female relatives, who through this collaborative hand weaving process teach the bride all about marital responsibilities and expectations.

Each blanket is woven care and made with a multitude of sequins. They are selected by our design team to be up-cycled into a colorful clutch bag! Once the blanket is used up, no two will ever be made the same!

Moroccan Bucket Bags

One of the common items in any Moroccan household is the breadbasket. Bread itself is a staple in Moroccan life and is used both as a food items and utensil for picking up sweet and savory dips! These colorful baskets come in a multitude of sizes, patterns and colors and is what inspired us to create our bucket bags! We started with the classic shape of a regular Moroccan breadbasket and re-imagined it into an adorable boho bucket bag.  

We select bread baskets from Morocco and our artisan partners help turn them into unique handbags! Made using the same techniques as the bread basket itself, colorful cotton is woven around the straw in fun patterns to create a perfectly boho bucket bag complete with its own secure top. Each bucket bag is ethically handmade in Morocco! 

So, as you can see, each of our products has its own story to tell! Visiting new places is always thrilling and so it shopping ethically and locally no matter where you go. We hope our whimsical collection has brought the intricate culture of Morocco just a little bit closer to home!

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