Welcome to Neon Bohemians!

A garden of succulents, eco-friendly shopping bags and mini polaroids of exciting past travels, all these things and more might fall under the umbrella of a bohemian lifestyle. Being eco-conscious about what you eat and where you buy from is a classic hallmark of any conscious shopper. But what if you seek to wear more than sandy neutrals and mandala printed kimonos while still staying true to your eco-friendly soul? Well friend you’re in luck, welcome to the world of Neon Bohemians
Our colorful bohemian brand brings you eco-friendly clothing and accessories with a whimsical twist! Founded by Amanda Perna, a woman of many titles, fashion designer, author and entrepreneur just to name a few. We interviewed her about starting her newest brand and why she decided to take on such an eye catching bohemian style! 

So Amanda, what made you start Neon Bohemians? 
I wanted to create an easy to wear, fun brand at a lower price point than The House of Perna so that my style and designs could be more easily accessible.

How did you decide to launch the brand?
We first tested it at Porter Flea in Nashville, and after a great response there we decided to move forward with it! Once we made it official, we launched it at a pop-up shop at Nordstrom Tampa! 

And what makes Neon Bohemians stand out against other boho boutiques on the market?
We use more color! A lot of bohemian brands focus on neutrals or jewel tones, we focus on bright, vibrant colors!

Is Neon Bohemians as sustainable as The House of Perna?
It is even more so! We are switching all packaging to be compostable or reusable for all orders shipped.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing new patterns or mini collections?
A lot of focus for this brand is placed on locations around the world. One collection had a lot of focus on India, another on Morocco. For each place, some products are made from artisans in that area to really celebrate the culture, or by our team in the USA using components from that place.

Could you tell us why you decide to also offer curated items through Neon Bohemians later this year?
We want to be able to celebrate other small brands, and provide our customers with a complete lifestyle experience. There are also some people making products in areas way better than we would be able to!

  What does a Neon Bohemian girl embody?
She is free spirited, loves to experience the world & appreciates handmade, sustainable practices.

What are you most excited about to offer on Neon Bohemians?
Kids clothes!!! For years people asked us to make kids clothes, and we finally are making it happen!

What is it like working with global artisans?
It is amazing! We get to combine their expertise on their craft with my ideas to make them unique to our brand.

What message do you hope to give your audience by building this bohemian brand?
To show them how beautiful the different cultures of the world are and to celebrate pieces that are handmade in small batches.

How did you come up with the name Neon Bohemians?
It's actually a funny story. For months I tried to think of a name with no luck, and then I was trying to find a bright rug for my house and typed in “neon bohemian rug” and immediately fell in love with the name.
What does bohemian style mean to you? 
Eclectic, free spirited and unique.

What was the greatest challenge you faced when starting this new brand since it’s quite different from The House of Perna?
Making sure they each feel different and exciting in their own way so that they don’t compete or overlap with each other.

Thanks so much for telling us about Neon Bohemians Amanda! If you’d like to connect with her you can follow her on Instagram @theamandaperna. We hope to inspire all you boho babes to be your best self! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @neonbohemians, to stay updated on all our latest products and sales! We love connecting with you all and look forward to continuing to help you look (and feel) fabulous!